Reducing Waste is Simple & Easy with D4D

Choose D4D Products

Products that have the D4D logo are validated by experts to reduce waste and provide value after use.

Enjoy Your Product

You can be confident while you enjoy your product, that you made a decision that is better for you and the planet.

Match the Logos

After you enjoy the product, simply match the D4D logo on the package with the logo on your waste bin.

Feel Good

With D4D you know you are helping the community and the planet by creating value and not added waste.

What is Designed for Discard (D4D)?

Designed for Discard is a revolutionary program that changes the way products are made so they are discarded properly and create value for our communities and the planet after use.

Products that will recycle into new products, compost into healthy soil or create clean energy when discarded are labeled with one of three D4D
logos: Recycle This, Compost This or Convert 2 Energy. These logos show consumers exactly where to discard the product.

Waste bins are also labeled with the same D4D logo, making proper disposal as simple as matching the logo on the package with the logo on the trash bin.

Increase clean energy.

Contribute to healthier soil.

Improve recycling.

Why Choose Products with the
D4D Logo?

It’s not a label, it’s an achievement.

  • Each product is validated independently by experts
  • No more confusion on where to discard
  • Avoid greenwashing and clever marketing
  • Products proven to recycle, compost or create energy
  • Brands and consumers working together
  • Reduce waste and avoid plastics in the ocean
  • Hold brands accountable for the waste they produce
d4d system remake simple

What is the D4D Difference?

      • Shape the future of sustainability. D4D seals are easy to understand, consumers simply match the shape on the product with the corresponding shape on the waste bin.
      • Unite the community. D4D builds communities where products are designed to reduce waste, recycle properly, create clean energy and provide healthy soil. D4D brings everyone together to promote more sustainable solutions that deliver measurable results.
      • Build product value. D4D creates communities where materials remain valuable after use, are discarded responsibly and create minimal environmental impact.
      • Become a leader in green thinking, not green-washing. Unlike many of the seals, certifications, labels, etc. out there, D4D uses empirical science to determine the discard method with the least environmental burden rather than advocating a particular end-point.

How Can You Make a D4D Difference?

Reduce Waste

Ensure your products are D4D compliant.

Be a Leader

Drive sustainability forward.

Connect the Supply Chain

D4D values the
suppliers role.

Unite Communities

Help us build sustainable D4D Communities.